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Our name is Expedition Patagonia and what we do is share the immensity of our Patagonia (which contemplates the south half of the country) with everyone who is looking for new adventures in a far away country experiencing a whole new culture.

We are a group of local people who for over 10 years have been traveling, working and riding throughout the mountains of South America – The Andes – and California’s Sierra Nevada, especially in the Lake Tahoe area.

Through our experience and the support and platform of Top Dest (, one of Argentina’s largest and most prestigious travel agencies, we provide a personalized and differentiated travel experience with the objective of travel around and share the assorted ski resorts in our Patagonia.

We know how things and people work down here, but after so many years of traveling from Patagonia to the States chasing the endless winter and with a lot of riding on the two hemispheres, we finally put things together so as to be able to satisfy our clients expectations. Besides snow trips, we also operate fishing, hunting and motorbike trips, so we keep moving our Patagonia the hole year round.

Snowlife in Patagonia. Skiing and riding The Andes mountain range

Our wish is to offer you the best riding experience in our Patagonia backyard, select the best choice of lodging to fit your expectations and needs, and provide a superb gourmet journey, from fancy restaurants to outdoor home made “asados”. Our soul is driven by snow, nature and “buena onda”

Besides showing you our incredible mountains, our objective is to introduce our society and country to our clients by putting them in direct contact with the great natural wealth of our country and giving them the access to the most exclusive spots in the region, being treated as locals.

 Going about our job with art and creativity is paramount for us to ensure that all our guests experience their trip memorably. That is why we are in all the details that make the difference: experienced and specialized bilingual professionals, top-notch gastronomical experiences and a specific team for each activity, ensuring optimal security conditions.

We are strongly committed with the environment and a sustainable planet, which is why we strive to minimize environmental impact and preserve our natural resources for future generations.


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